Saturday, 12 September 2009

Better Late Than Never

I left for Oxford in the middle of last week, and this would be my first official documentation of my trip. A little late I suppose, as these pictures are already a week old-a sad story if we're living by a journalist's standards. But we're not, and life is relative, so this reflects the amount of time I have had for extra thoughts here besides the necessities (which is fairly low :).

In considering whether to blog or not, I realized that most people blog for about two reasons: (1) So they can journal their experiences in a way that is public yet meaningful, and (2) So they can try and invite their closest companions into their experiences-who can understand what they are experiencing. What better way for you to see through my eyes, than what I am seeing through my lens?

Henceforth, I invite all comers to join me on my Oxford journey, to experience it as I might see it, and to understand my world more fully. Lance-the Chapman's mobile is for you, Erin-thanks for the musical inspiration, and Dad-I'll never forget that sUV carrying the mattress on top. Enjoy.

HD version:


  1. Thanks for the video journal of your journey. I did not think you got a picture of the mattress on the tollway!
    Love ya

  2. I'm really enjoying your blog! Hope everything's going well! Robin

  3. Wes, we miss you. I'm glad that you are letting us join you on your adventures through your blog. Love, mom