Tuesday, 22 September 2009

High Quality Punting

HD version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBqVSuVxaBo

This week, my roommates and I went punting, a genuinely English experience. It is a type of boating, not too dissimilar from a gondola experience in Venice. In this case however, the navigator does not use an oar, but a long, metal pole. This makes it unique and quite unforgettable. At Oxford, punting is apparently very commonplace, but also very touristy. It is no longer a serious form of transportation, but is more like a horse-drawn carriage type of experience. As with any water sport, there are required skills that take a few attempts to acquire.We only crashed into the bank 5 times, lost the pole in the water one time, and got lost one time. And this all within the first hour... I hope you enjoy watching our fun and mishaps (which were not mutually exclusive).

In other news, I have finally solved the low-quality video problem. The blog only allows me to upload videos of 100mb, which severely compromises both the quality and length of the videos. With the purchase of such a nice camcorder, this is clearly a waste of resources. Thus, I will also post them on Youtube, which allows 2GB (2,000mb) videos. In every blog, I will include to the sharper, larger version of all the posts in the video blog. Don't forget to click on HD!


  1. love it, wes! i was finally able to view a whole video! love you.

  2. I showed Connie Eatwell your video and she enjoyed it. Love ya! Dad