Saturday, 12 September 2009

Out on the Town

HD version:

The majority of our orientation here has been to become acquainted with the city, as it is necessary to be a successful student here. In the course of the semester, each study abroad student living in my building will be required to attend 16 lectures of their choosing and 12 tutorial sessions with their professors in their respective discipline. These lectures and session can take place in any of the colleges, halls, or libraries that the professors are involved with, which makes a first-hand knowledge of navigating the streets of Oxford a priority. In this clip, I tried to summarize a day's worth of exploring.


  1. Great video with commentary and directions! Don't make the cows "mad" along the pasture path and watch your step - look out for deposits of nutrients.

  2. amazing, wes!!! i love being able to picture where you are at... it definitely looks a lot different than where i am at! i love you so much and am so proud of you!!